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Gnozo @ Databit.Me festival - Arles, november 14-15-16-17 2018
Galeism @ Pot au Feu @ ENSAPC Cergy - December 10-14 2018
Gugusophone in residency @ Villette Makers - March - May 2018



Nomadic Grids
⇝ Collective exhibition, Mumei, Tokyo, september 26-30, 2018
⇝ Solo Performance, in Exercise for Death, collective exhibition curated by Naoki Miyasaka, Nuit Blanche Kyoto, Shôkai Soho, October 5th, 2018
The Triumph of Death
⇝ Performance with Nao Nishihara, in Exercise for Death, collective exhibition curated by Naoki Miyasaka, Nuit Blanche Kyoto, Midnight Museum, October 8th, 2018
Mat vs. Atari
⇝ Conference/Performance with Fabien Fromont, FRAC Normandie Rouen, October 14th, 2018
Dorcelsius @ Musée Guimet, live animation / VJ performance for Dorcelsius at Guimet Mix , May 26, 2018
Teaser for Poliphile, Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2016
Miracle+Mystère+Gugusophones at Anti-Aufklärung, art book fair, Point FMR, Paris, May 18-19-20, 2018.
The Fall of Rome, original soundtrack, short film directed by Balazs Turai (2018).
Teaser by Balazs Turai + Sun Araw
Le Patriarche: episodes 2,3,4, Series of HD short, 2018-2019, with Nathan Efrati & Alexandre Efrati.
Watch The Patriarch, 2018, with Nathan Efrati, Alexandre Efrati, Marius Vuillemier & David Frenkiel.
GNOZO Liveset & Performances Tour (2018)
Le Galëisme, philosophical school (2018)
Festival Miracle 2018 Zine-DIY-Musixhibition-Festival, summer 2018 (Paris)
Miracle Jinja, inauguration of Hackerspace/Artist Residency/Dinosaur Shrines, spring 2018, Jura mountains (France) -Gnozo-Conference #670, 21/03/2018, DAF Festival, Geneva
-Le Bal des Embryons, 12-20/03/2018, live animation and music performance tour for the "Month of French Culture" in Beirut
⇝ Wassim Halal, Diego Verastegui, Laurent Clouet, Gwyn Wurst, David Brossier, Florian Demonsant, Erwan Karavec, Sharif Sehnaoui, Paed Conca
-NinjaNinjaNinja, VJing by Diego Verastegui with Gnozo liveset, 12-20/03/2018, DJ-VJ liveset, Carbone 17, Aubervilliers, for Club d'Amour by Kim Doan Quoc, 23/02/2018


-Gnozo-Conference #667, 8/12/2017, in Le bruits des choses oubliées, curated by Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec
  A Balzac A Rodin, bookshop and art space (Paris 6°)
-The Bible of Xenoxenism, animated short film + art installation,  with Zsuzsana Kreif, Diego Verastegui, Petra Lilla Marjai,
Balazs Keszegh, Borcsa Zetenyi, Wassim Halal, Laurent Clouet, 07/10/2017 @ Nuit Blanche 2017, Paris,
curated by Charlotte Laubard., website, released 10.2017
-Gnozo-Conférence #666, solo performance, 29/09/2017 @ Walden (Genève), ONDULE! Festival curated by POL.
-NinjaNinjaNinja live @ La Couleuvre, Saint-Ouen, 25/06/2017
-Rhodes Tennis Court live @ La Main, Paris, 21/06/2017
-NinjaNinjaNinja website released 15/05/2017
-Rhodes Tennis Court live @ Ukmukfukk Zinefest, 30/04/2017, Budapest (Hungary)
-Significatogenèse, solo performance, 15/04/2017 @ La Couleuvre (Saint-Ouen), in Understand What We Know, curated by Jérôme Pierre.


-Quelques Mots sur Rudolf Clausius, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, 25/11/2016, in Entropies, collective exhibition curated by Vladimir Demoule & Marie Koch
-Xenoxenism Bus Tours, in collective exhibition Nouveaux Mondes Industriels, Galleria Continua, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud - 16/10/2016 (see Xenoxenism
- Xénoxénisme - Presentation - Le Magasin - Grenoble /First public presentation of the concept of Xenoxenism as part of collective exhibition Briser la Glace, curated by Armance Rougiron, Chen Ben Chetrit, Chloé Curci, Eleonora Castagna, Giulia Pagnetti et Laura Caraballo / with Ricardo Basbaum, Candice Breitz, Jacob Dahlgren, Alicia Eggert , Mike Fleming, Ceal Floyer, Julien Villaret (Goofypress), Laura Gozlan, Leor Grady, Matteo Guidi, Adelita Husni-Bey, Emmanuel Louisgrand, Pipilotti Rist, Allen Ruppersberg, Takis, Martin Vitaliti .
-Comment fabriquer un Gugusophone? Online radio show in french made with Noel Sarlaw and Lionel QuantinACR/Creation On Air / France Culture / broadcast on June 9 2016
-Pourquoi et comment Biohacker votre conseiller Pôle Emploi? Miracle @ MAC+ CRÉTEIL // Festival EXIT: 15/04/2016. With Noel Sarlaw, Marin Esteban, Diego Verastegui, David Duvshani, Eric Loret, Félix Gattier.
-Mystère #7 (@ EXIT)
-Journalistic activity online - GNOZO
-GNOZOVISION Channel created in collaboration with Droguistes
-New comic book: Gender Wars published in Mystère #6 @AngoulèmeFOFF
-musical conference: Comic books: mythology and pop culture (french),Maison des Arts de Malakoff, 17/01/2016
-Internet broadcast of Pinhas Sama, road movie about Richard Pinhas' 2013 Japan tour
-MIRACLE_MYSTÈRE (performance+concerts)
With Saudaa Group, Marie Comète, Wassim Halal + Laurent Clouet, Rhodes Tennis Court, Narwhal Recordings
More information at
Jusqu'à ce que rien n'arrive, Malakoff, 2/12/2015-14/02/2016, Maison des Arts de Malakoff.
Exhibiting artist book : Pan Dort (62 pen drawings, 2009; 6 printed copies)
-Heraclitus, comic book project, in collaboration with Jean François Pradeau, ongoing..


-Extreme Thinkers, comic book, november 2015
-L'Expérience Statistique, [statistical experience] , Musical Conference and Live Graffiti Powerpoint
Benjamin Efrati with Balazs Turai and Diego Verastegui See articleon the website of FIAC/OFFICIELLE, Cité De la Mode et du Design
 Official announcement for the press Paris, October 20, 24, 25, 2015
-Kuduz-Kudüs, performance musicale, La Bellevilloise, at HAB.B. festival, Paris, 31/10/2015
-Swing like a Sufi, Miracle micro-exhibition at HAB.B. festival, Paris, curated by Wassim Halal, opening on 4/11/2015
-Wassim Halal + Benjamin Efrati @ Humanist Records festival, Paris, october 2nd,  2015
Humanist Records Festival website
Rhodes Tennis Court, swiss tour 2015, with Marin Esteban
Presentation of the electro-blues duet on the website of LES DIGITALES festival
Rhodes Tennis Court Live at ONDULOR, Geneva, curated by POL
Article de la Tribune de Genève sur Ondulor
-Deux Weekends avec Miracle, [two week-ends with Miracle] Jeune Création, at 6B, St Denis, 25-26 /07 +1-2/08 2015
Presentation on the Miracle website
-Mystère #0, magazine for Miracle Collective, Villa Belleville, Paris, 2/7/2015
Presentation on the Miracle website
Video extract: performative presentation at the opening on may 2nd 2015, second part of the performance, musical (w/ Noel Sarlaw, Marin Esteban++)
-Le Film des Enfants, [The film made by the children] @ AIMS exhibition/ Beaux Arts Paris, 26/6/2015
Video and more
-Mad Max Live Soundtrack, w/ Narwhal Recordings, @Villa Belleville 01/06/2015
Live recording
-Kudzu, w/ Alice Guittard, @ Parti(e) du Paysage, Montrouge, 04/05-06/06 2015
Kudzu on tumblr
-Miracle/Plugin Circus @ EXIT Festival (MAC/Créteil-26/3-5/4 2015)
Video presentation
Full performance footage: OHM BORG  by Vincent Rioux, Diego Verastegui on Fragmenter (©Keszegh) + Narwhal Recordings live pseudo-spontaneous music making
-Gargamel, animation for the band Pulcinella, by Benjamin Efrati, Charalambos Margaritis, Diego Verastegui, online since April 1st, 2015 Gargamel, on youtube
-Reise der Ohren, performance, with Nao Nishihara, Ryuhei Fujita, Marin Esteban, at Tokyo Wonder Site Residency / Bethanien KunstQuartier, Berlin. 20/01/2015 Nao Nishihara on the web
-Procession, performance with Miracle Collective and Narwhal Recordings, for the closing of the exhibition Possibles d’un monde fragmenté, ENSBA. 4/01/2015 Videos: HD footage by Mara Fortunatovic, DV1 + DV2 by Constance Dreyfuss


-Fatal Error, performance with Nao Nishihara, 1 h, à Der Einzige, le 29 novembre 2014, Dresden.
Video Footage of the performance in Dresden
-Colored Black Box, with Marin Esteban; performative installation, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris, october 2014 - january 2015
Sounds from the Colored Black Box
Article about the exhibition in french paper Libération: p1 p2 p3 p4
-Gugus 4, multimedia comic book installation with Balazs Turai, Diego Verastegui, Petra Marjai
Oneida Society, performance with Miracle Collective, 1h, Jeune Création
2014, at Cent Quatre  arts center, Paris. Octobrer 30th, 2014.
Miracle on Jeune Création artfair's website
-The carrot and the stick, performed conference,  at Paroles-Formes, Beaux-Arts de Paris, 18/06/2014
Video footage of the performance
-Miracle Musicales Conferences : Acoustic&Eclectic Hodjas, collective performances,  18 + 25/05/2014, 59th  Salon de Montrouge.
Playlist: Thomas Perino, Charalambos Margaritis, Audrey Gleizes, Noam Assayag, Esme Planchon, Jean-Philippe Basello, Jim Stickel, Michael Lew
-Miracle as art of sharing, performance, 10’, at Wikistage, Central School Paris, 17/05/2014
Wikistage at Centrale school, Paris
-Le Plongeon, HD animation movie, 3 minutes; Montrouge 2014
Le Plongeon, by Marilou Chabert, Benjamin Efrati, Claire Pedot
-Acropolis Bye Bye,  HD animation movie, 3 minutes; Montrouge 2014
Acropolis Bye Bye, by Ian Balzan, Benjamin Efrati, Charalambos Margaritis, Diego Verastegui
-Interconférences, videos, varying durations; Montrouge 2014
-Blind Researcher, video-performance, 5 minutes; Montrouge 2014
-Pendulum, sound performance,in Partido Alto, collective exhibition, Atelier Rouart, 13/032014
Presentation on the website of Atelier Rouart
--Performance:  Ce que vous ne comprenez pas;  collective exhibition Aphrodisia, Bizarro à Saint-Germain”25/09/ 2014
--Gugus 4, gigantic comic book, at Jeune Création 2014, Cent Quatre art center, Paris
Pinhas Sama, documentary about french musician Richard Pinhas, July 2014
Full documentary


-Gugus Claclé: a crocodile of cruelty, HD musical animation movie and graduation exhibition, Beaux-Arts Paris, 19/11/2013
Gugus Claclé, full animation
-Objets, Corps, Choses, multimedia event curating, in collaboration avec Samson Sylvain. Institut Français de Tokyo. 31.05.2013
Article about the exhibition + performance cycle on the French Institute website
-Conference of Objects, performed conference, 1 hour;
in Objets, Corps, Choses, at l’Institut Français, Tokyo, 31.05.2013
L'objet du sport, full movie, with Raphael Verchère, screened during the performance
Video extract from the performance
-Of cruelty in the game of go, HD video, 20 minutes, collective exhibition, in La perte du désir de plaisir, PCF, Arles, 4 -12/07/2012.
Full movie online
-Of economical poetry and significatogenesis, performed conference, Monnaie de Paris.
Online video on the website


-Merjom Climacus, performed conference, 30 minutes, Théâtre de l’Usine, Genève. Le 7-8/06/2008 Presentation on the website of Théâtre de l'Usine


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