Benjamin Efrati is a composer




Original soundtracks for animation and film
electronic solo liveset

Capitalist Alienation
premier album sur Bandcamp

The adventures of Candide
OST for the animation series directed by Zsuzsana Kreif, Balazs Turai & Bera Nandor

Rhodes Tennis Court

Electro-rock duet with Marin Esteban, graphic design and animation by Diego Verastegui

Rhodes Tennis Court on Bandcamp

Avenue, music video 2015


Gugus Music sound experiments with the Gugusophone, self-made electronic music instrument
with Noel Sarlaw

Comment Fabriquer un Gugusophone? radio show, Sound Factory, France Culture, 2016

Gugus Plexus, drone / ambiant / noise / paleo-electronica sur Soundcloud

Live at Villette Sonique with Villette Makerz

Narwhal Recordings

Informal Label for improvised and/or experimental music, found-footage and sound archive of Miracle.Nu collective

listen to Narwhal Recordings on Soundcloud

explore Narwhal Recordings on Tumblr

La Danse de la Boue / HerakleitHorus

Electro-acoustic noise/impro liveset with Wassim Halal

La Danse de la Boue, live 2015

La Danse de la Boue, studio version, 2015

8-Bit Rebetiko

Rebetiko folk music covered with 8-bit sound synthesis

8-Bit Rebetiko on Soundcloud


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