Benjamin Efrati is a performer



Gnozo-Conference #666

Did Néanderthals have a fear
of symbolic patterns?
Ondule! Festival, Walden/Duplex Genève 2017

Musical conference about hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, the Néanderthals civilisation and Xenoxenism

Significatogenesis and Xenoxenism

Xenoxenist presentation of Significatogenesis, La Couleuvre Saint-Ouen 2017

Performance-conference on the concept of significatogenesis
invented by Mario Amehou in 2006

Xenoxenism Bus Tours

Performance about a xenoxenism bus guide company, Galleria Continua 2016

Performance film, explanation of Xenoxenism by
japanese bus guides
(french, live-translating of illustrated book in english)

A few words about Rudolf Clausius

Verbal, visual and sound experiments around the concept of entropy with MiracleNu, Maison Populaire de Montreuil 2017

Conference-performance followed by asonore et video performance, with MiracleNu (french)


Performance on the concept of Xénoxénisme
Le Magasin Grenoble, 2016

Filmed conference-performance first public presentation of Xénoxénisme , which means talking about gender studies with arguments from evolutionist psychology

Louis Sade et Princesse Sapho : the metamorphosis

Performance about the re-legalisation of tobacco
, CHC Paris 2012

Performance, video, music and dance
(french, japanese)

From poetic economy to significatogenesis

Conference about the notion of value in the world of art and in economics
Monnaie de Paris 2012

Filmed performance-conference , avec Noel Sarlaw, from a dialogue with Frédéric Lordon (french)

Lordon at Pompidou

video made in dialogue with Frédéric Lordon (french)


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