Biography – Benjamin Efrati

Benjamin Efrati is a french multimedia artist born in 1985. Founder of the Miracle Collective ( in 2006, he mainly develops a performance based practice. After his 2008 graduation in Philosophy of Sciences and Aesthetics in Lyon (France), he joined the Beaux-Arts de Paris school until his 2013 graduation exhibition: Gugus Claclé, a multimedia installation about Gugus, a cute crocodile-god invented by an actual child in 2008, in collaboration with Miracle.

He lived and worked in Japan in 2012, and has since then exhibited in several group shows and curated spontaneous activities with and without Miracle. In 2016, he produced the follow-up on the Gugus movie for the french radio station France Culture, collaborated as a writer to cultural website Droguistes, and resumed his video-performance series GNOZO.

GNOZO is what would have happened to journalism if philosophers had not let marketing reinvent simplicity. GNOZO is fundamentally about dream. It is expressed in video, in order to manipulate the relations between hearing and sight.

Nonetheless, this audio-visual chart is not a goal in itself. It is designed to broadcast certain ideas and values. Among those, some have direct links with Japan, and some have none at all. One of the main ideas is the practice of balance. The aim of GNOZO videos is to make the viewer focus in order to perceive something spontaneous, and each video has its own topic.