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Since 2012, Benjamin Efrati has been developing a series of works under the name GNOZO, which hints at a psychedelic mixture of Gnostic philosophy and Gonzo journalism.

What Gnosis and Gonzo have in common is the integration of opposites into living thought. On the one hand, a philosophical interpretation of phenomena close to hermeneutics : Gnosticism and Gonzo aim at filtering reality. On the other hand, they formulate a hermetic thought, open to multiple interpretations, recycling some of the more socially valued thinking tools.

The Gnozo Show, 2019-2020

Through reductionist thought, Gnozo creates new interpretations of reality through deconstruction. Accounting for the contemporary individuals’ default state of alienation is not enough : whichever society they live in, when confronted with the norm, they wither when realizing the limitations imposed on them. Gnozophy is a search for new mental pathways aiming at exiting this state of subjugation. This expansion of the perspectives of thought and life could not take place without setting aside common sense. 

Gnozo – Fossil Songs, 2019

Using simple, popular, sometimes simplistic methods, Gnozo reappropriates attributes of mainstream culture and confiscates the tools of populism in order to digest them. By stimulating the production of mental antibodies, Gnozophy fosters the edification of internal defence structures against rampant critical anesthesia.


Gnozo started making absurd-enlightened videos in 2012, long before creating The Gnozo Show web-series. 

The Gnozo Show also materializes in a full-length live performance format.