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net art

Since 2009, Benjamin Efrati produces web-browser oriented artworks such as Le Savoir Meuble (2009). Pursuing this digital practice, Metaleptic is an independant game studio founded in 2020. The first projects, such as Dream Invaders, Pofubox, Jurassic Circuits, Minotaur Meander Dreamtime, Pasta Panic, have been built using the simplest existing tools (flickgame, puzzlescript, bitsy). All the games, electronic fanzines and online installations are henceforth available on Metaleptic’s page. 

Among recent pieces, the online collective exhibition Stoned 0.1 took the Miracle art collective into virtual reality and first person viewer 3D environments.  

In parallel, Reality 3, a new label for online artworks, has been setup in 2020.

The images below belong to the Psygnozo series (2020).