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Benjamin Efrati uses various tools in order to get the audience into a critical state.

Since 2007, he produces lecture-performances involving philosophical speech, elements of choreography, video and sound art.

The Gnozo Show

A series of web-orchestrated performances, The Gnozo Show is a monthly web-series running from may 2019 to february 2020. Gnozo started out in 2012, with the video Active Smoker.


Solo performance, for the exhibition Understand what we know, curated by Jérôme Pierre, La Couleuvre, Saint Ouen, 2017

Xenoxenism Bus Tours

Performance, Galleria ContinuaLes Nouveaux Mondes Industriels, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, FIAC 2016. A philosophical guided tour agency specializing in the management of human minds in a critical state during bus journeys, Xenoxenism Bus Tours first welcomed passengers on the 8 luxury road shuttles carrying approximately 600 visitors to the exhibition Les Nouveaux Mondes Industriels. A committed individualist anarchist sermon and a picture book were given to them – with love.

A Few words on Rudolf Clausius

Performance with Miracle, curated by Marie Koch & Vladimir Demoule, Maison Populaire, Montreuil, 2016

Of Statistic Experience

Performance with Miracle, FIAC 2015, Paris

Why and how to biohack your unemployment counselor?

Performance with Miracle at EXIT festival, Créteil, 2016

Fatal Error – Der Einzige

Performance on Max Stirner’s theory of the individual, with Nao Nishihara, Dresden, 2015.

Ohm Borg

Performance with Miracle & Vincent Rioux, EXIT Festival, Créteil, 2015


Video-performance, Salon de Montrouge 2014

Conférence-minute : L’histoire

Video-performance, Beaux-Arts Paris, 2013

Currently Unavailable

Egg Demonstration

Performance, Tokyo, 2012

From Poetic Economy to Significatogenesis

Lecture on the notion of value in the world of art and in economics, with Noel Sarlaw, Monnaie de Paris, 2011.



Lordon à Pompidou, 2011