Since 2012, Benjamin Efrati has been developing a series of works that share the name GNOZO: in principle, a mixture of Gnostic philosophy and Gonzo journalism.

What gnosis and Gonzo have in common is the integration of opposites into a living reflection. On the one hand, a science of the interpretation of phenomena that we could relate to hermeneutics, whose function is to filter the real, and on the other the formulation of a hermetic thought, open to multiple interpretations while preserving the fashions, codes, and habits that support reflection.


Through the exercise of a living thought, willingly reductionist, the first objective of this deconstruction of the real is to open the experiment by proposing new interpretations to account for the state of alienation in which the The individual naturally finds himself in a given society when he is confronted with the norms of the given society.

This expansion of the perspectives of thought and life could not take place without putting aside gregarious behavior and common sense. Thus, from the same liberating impulse of externalization, of putting into perspective and of critical reflection, appear a set of cryptic signs, which synthesize the path of the mind while moving them away from common sense.

Gnozo, it is thus a speech of the critical thought with the aid of simple, popular, sometimes simplistic tools. We then witness a reappropriation in rule of the attributes of the hands-tream, their deconstruction in due form. Conferring the power tools of populism to make possible their digestion leads to the production of antibodies, to the construction of defense structures against creeping critical anesthesia.

The Gnozo Show, 2019-2020
Gnozo – Fossil Songs, 2019