Benjamin Efrati directed and co-directed collective performances and spontaneous short movies with MIRACLE , an international art/research collective.

Xenoxenism Bus Tours is a multimedia performance (music, bus-guides, comic books) which took place on 16/10/2016 at Galleria Continua Paris.

The ongoing GNOZO series is co-produced by french website Droguistes:

This video, shown at Montrouge Artfair 2014, serves the purpose of showreel:

More videos including stop motion animation:


Video-performance: De l’économie poëtique à la significatogenèse, 2012, with Noel Sarlaw:

For more videos, you can shuffle around the playlists below

Benjamin Efrati – performances on Vimeo, 2008-2015

The film made by the children,2015:

Tunisia according to Nathan Frati, 2009