Benjamin Efrati – born December, 4th, 1985.


-22/04-25/06/2017: Significatogenèse et Xénoxénisme (video archive), in UNDERSTAND WHAT WE KNOW – collective exhibition curated by Jérôme Pierre.

-22/04/2017: Festival Miracle: Images électroniques et musiques imprimées, fanzine fair.

-9/01/2017: Xenoxenism explained to Israeli people,  as part of a workshop organized by Keren Katz, at the Red House, Tel Aviv.


-6/12/2016: Le visage comme objet technique: de Néanderthal aux Cyborgs, performance with Marion Zilio at Public Pool #2, by CEA, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris


-24/11/2016: 93% meufs 100% illustration, Parité, nf : égalité de représenta-
tion entre illustratrices et illustrateurs,
round table conference at La Fonderie de l’Image, Bagnolet, Paris, France.

-25/11/2016: Quelques mots sur Rudolf Clausius, performance with Miracle – Maison Populaire, Montreuil, in Comment fabriquer un univers qui ne s’effondre pas deux jours plus tard, curated by  Marie Koch + Vladimir Demoule.

-Music composition for Candide, Animation series directed by Zsuzsana Krief, 12 episodes, 2017.

Xenoxenism Bus Tours, October 16, 2016, Galleria Continua, group show curated by Nicolas Bourriaud.

– Article+embedded GNOZO video on Japonicus Neanderthalensis.

Xéno-Xénisme, performance, le Magasin, Grenoble, July 13th, 2016

Comment fabriquer un Gugusophone? Radio creation, France Culture, broadcast June 9th, 2016, with Noel Sarlaw and Lionel Quantin


Miracle @ MAC+ CRÉTEIL // Festival EXIT: 15/04/2016

Mystère #7 (@ EXIT)


-January 2016 comic book for Mystere, publication by Miracle collective: Gender Wars

-musical conference: Comic books: mythology and pop culture (french),Maison des Arts de Malakoff, 17/01/2016

-Internet broadcast of Pinhas Sama, road movie about Richard Pinhas 2013 Japan tour

MIRACLE_MYSTÈRE (performance+concerts)

With Saudaa Group, Marie Comète, Wassim Halal + Laurent Clouet, Rhodes Tennis Court, Narwhal Recordings

Jusqu’à ce que rien n’arrive, Malakoff, 2/12/2015-14/02/2016, Maison des Arts de Malakoff.

Exhibiting artist book : Pan Dort (62 pen drawings, 2009; 6 printed copies)

Heraclitus, comic book project, in collaboration with Jean François Pradeau, ongoing..



Thinkers of the extreme, online comic book project, november 2015

L’Expérience Statistique, [statistical experience] by Benjamin Efrati with Balazs Turai and Diego Verastegui,  FIAC/L’Officielle, Cité De la Mode et du Design, Musical conference and live wall drawing. What are the influences of statistic science on fine art practices? Paris, October 20, 24, 25, 2015

Kuduz-Kudüs, performance musicale, La Bellevilloise, at HAB.B. festival, Paris, 31/10/2015

Swing like a Sufi, Miracle micro-exhibition at HAB.B. festival, Paris, curated by Wassim Halal, opening on 4/11/2015

Wassim Halal + Benjamin Efrati @ Humanist Records festival, Paris, october 2nd,  2015, Humanist Records Festival.

-Rhodes Tennis Court, Swiss tour 2015, with Marin Esteban

Presentation of the electro-rock duet on the website of LES DIGITALES festival

Video from the performance at ONDULOR, Geneva, curated by POL


Deux Weekends avec Miracle, [two week-ends with Miracle] Jeune Création,
at 6B, St Denis, 25-26 /07 +1-2/08 2015, Presentation on the Miracle website

Mystère #0, magazine for Miracle Collective, Villa Belleville, Paris, 2/7/2015, Presentation on the Miracle website

-Video extract: performative presentation at the opening on may 2nd 2015, second part of the performance, musical (w/ Noel Sarlaw, Marin Esteban++)

Le Film des Enfants, [The film made by the children] @ AIMS exhibition/ Beaux Arts Paris, 26/6/2015: video and more

Mad Max Live Soundtrack, w/ Narwhal Recordings, @Villa Belleville 01/06/2015: Live recording

Kudzu, w/ Alice Guittard, @ Parti(e) du Paysage, Montrouge, 04/05-06/06 2015: Kudzu on tumblr

Miracle/Plugin Circus @ EXIT Festival (MAC/Créteil-26/3-5/4 2015): video presentation + Full performance footage: OHM BORG  by Vincent Rioux, Diego Verastegui on Fragmenter (©Keszegh) + Narwhal Recordings live pseudo-spontaneous music making

Gargamelanimation for the band Pulcinella, by Benjamin Efrati, Charalambos Margaritis, Diego Verastegui, online since April 1st, 2015

Reise der Ohren, performance, with Nao Nishihara, Ryuhei Fujita, Marin Esteban, at Tokyo Wonder Site Residency / Bethanien KunstQuartier, Berlin. 20/01/2015 + Nao Nishihara on the web

Procession, performance with Miracle Collective and Narwhal Recordings, for the closing of the exhibition Possibles d’un monde fragmenté, ENSBA. 4/01/2015 – Videos: HD footage by Mara Fortunatovic, DV1 + DV2 by Constance Dreyfuss


Fatal Error, performance with Nao Nishihara, 1 h, à Der Einzige, le 29 novembre 2014, Dresden. Video Footage of the performance in Dresden

Colored Black Box, with Marin Esteban; performative installation, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris, october 2014 – january 2015 Sounds from the Colored Black Box

Article about the exhibition in french paper Libération:

Gugus 4, multimedia comic book installation with Balazs Turai, Diego Verastegui, Petra Marjai, Jeune Création 2014, at Cent Quatre  arts center, Paris. Octobrer 30th, 2014. Miracle on Jeune Création artfair’s website

The carrot and the stick, performed conference,  at Paroles-Formes, Beaux-Arts de Paris, 18/06/2014 Video footage of the performance

Miracle Musicales Conferences : Acoustic&Eclectic Hodjas, performance festival,  18 + 25/05/2014, 59th  Salon de Montrouge.

Playlist: Thomas Perino, Charalambos Margaritis, Audrey Gleizes, Noam Assayag, Esme Planchon, Jean-Philippe Basello, Jim Stickel, Michael Lew

Miracle as art of sharing, performance, 10’, at Wikistage, Ecole Centrale Paris, 17/05/2014 Wikistage at Centrale school, Paris

Le Plongeon, HD animation movie, 3 minutes; Montrouge 2014; , by Marilou Chabert, Benjamin Efrati, Claire Pedot

Acropolis Bye Bye,  HD animation movie, 3 minutes; Montrouge 2014, by Ian Balzan, Benjamin Efrati, Charalambos Margaritis, Diego Verastegui

Interconférences, videos, varying durations; Montrouge 2014

Blind Researcher, video-performance, 5 minutes; Montrouge 2014


Pendulum, sound performance,in Partido Alto, collective exhibition, Atelier Rouart, 13/032014; Presentation on the website of Atelier Rouart

–Performance:  Ce que vous ne comprenez pas;  collective exhibition Aphrodisia, Bizarro à Saint-Germain”25/09/ 2014

Gugus 4, gigantic comic book, at Jeune Création 2014, Cent Quatre (art center), Paris

Pinhas Sama, documentary about french musician Richard Pinhas, July 2014

2013:  –Gugus Claclé: a crocodile of cruelty, HD musical animation movie and

graduation exhibition, Beaux-Arts Paris, 19/11/2013

Objets, Corps, Choses, multimedia event curating, in collaboration avec Samson Sylvain. Institut Français de Tokyo. 31.05.2013 Article about the exhibition + performance cycle on the French Institute website

Conference of Objects, performed conference, 1 hour; in Objets, Corps, Choses, at l’Institut Français, Tokyo, 31.05.2013

-L’objet du sport, full movie, with Raphael Verchère, screened during the performance

Of cruelty in the game of go, HD video, 20 minutes, collective exhibition,

in La perte du désir de plaisir, PCF, Arles, 4 -12/07/2012.

Of economical poetry and significatogenesis, performed conference, with Noel Sarlaw Monnaie de Paris, 01/11/2011

2008: –Merjom Climacus, performed conference, 30 minutes,

Théâtre de l’Usine, Genève. Le 7-8/06/2008; Presentation on the website of Théâtre de l’Usine


2014-2015: Post Grad at Beaux-Arts de Paris, AIMS program.

2014: Post Grad at Beaux-Arts de Paris / Ecole du Louvre

2013: Graduation at Beaux Arts de Paris

2012: Exchange student at Tokyo Geidai

2011: Bachelor Graduation at Beaux Arts de Paris

2004-2009: Master in Philosophy at Jean Moulin University, Lyon 3

Collective projects play an important part:

Capture d’écran 2015-12-25 à 20.12.51Art and research collective Miracle

Capture d’écran 2015-12-25 à 20.12.09 Miracle’s online sound archive, Narwhal Recordings co-administered by Marin Esteban.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-25 à 20.12.27 Mystère, an a-periodic publication, produced with Diego Verastegui,  Noel Sarlaw, David Duvshani.

Basic aptitudes: concepting and text writing, music composition, sound design, video editing and graphic design and all kinds of live/performative art forms. Parallel dimensions, spontaneous creation, and signification generation are his favorite subjects.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-22 à 12.48.41

This website presents some pieces, most of which are scattered around the internet. Most of the pieces using language are in french, but the french-language-unaware visitor is more than welcome to find pieces either subtitled in english or not using any language at all.

For any further inquiry, please open the CONTACT page.


This presentation focuses on film directing, drawing, music and original score composition

Film directing:


Gnozo video series, 2012-present:

The playlist below shows works of video art, stop motion animation, performance art, and more if possible

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Here is the playlist, you may get the list out of the top left corner of the window.

Music and original score composition:

Drawing and comic book writing:

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