What is a project ? The question seems artificial, but it yields fabulous resources. On a slightly broader scale, this question triggers the need to clarify the definitions of two other, etymologically connected, very useful words : subject and object. Despite this craving for clear definitions, this is a blog post, and it would be detrimential to ground the meaning of these words in lenghty introductions.

Projects are literally projections of the subject, requiring the incorporation of an object. In other words, a project is not anymore a subject, and not yet an autonomous object : it is a mere framework, within which the subject will try to follow a course of action, presumably designed to highlight the individual qualities of the subject.

What projects are not : to me, projects are never over. There is no final cut, no master recording, no NFT, no documentation HD enough to truly encompass the embodied perceptual potential a particular project is able to provide. What we see are shadows : Mona Lisa is no match to Da Vinci’s inner vision, just like the 9th Symphony doesn’t sound the way Beethoven hear it internally ; the real masterpieces are simple passing thoughts, forever locked in the brains of their bearers.

So what is a subject ? Well, would you take a look at that.