La création radiophonique diffère des autres méthodes pour transmettre une idée car son résultat est invisible. Ces pièces produites entre 2012 et 2023 sont en français.


I love animation, but it’s only one of the ways to create moving images. Video has been one of my core crafts, and it’s very funny to see how normal my 2009 video performances seem now that TikTok and Instagram have revolutionized media practices as they were defined by YouTube and Vimeo. My point was simpler though : i love to work animation, and especially stop-motion animation.

Music Videos

I’ve co-directed some music videos in the framework of the MiracleNu Collective’s collaborations with various bands over time, including Acropolis Bye-Bye and Pulcinella.

The Gnozo Show

The Gnozo Show is a post-internet and post-irony mockumentary-based talk-show performance and web-series created in 2018 by Benjamin Efrati for the Talk Show Festival at MoCo Panacée, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud.

Misionary Pose

Original soundtrack for Balazs Turai’s animated short, Misionary Pose, broadcasted from Jan. 9 2024 on Adult Swim’s Off the Air.