The Bible of Xenoxenism

The Bible of Xenoxenism is an animated short directed by Benjamin Efrati in 2017
in collaboration with Zsuzsana Kreif, Petra Marjai, Diego Verastegui, Wassim Halal, Laurent Clouet

(french, english subtitles)


Le Patriarche

Le Patriarche is a short science-fiction film directed by Benjamin Efrati. An old man rebels against the world order and creates a living A.I. to destroy his ennemies 
with Nathan Efrati, Alexandre Efrati, Marius Vuillemier & David Frenkiel, 2018

(french, english subtitles)


Music videos

Music videos made in stop-motion & using Fragmenter Animated Loop Machine

⇝ Minore Desperado (2014) for greek-revival band 
Acropolis Bye-Bye
with Charalambos Margaritis and Diego Verastegui 

⇝ Gargamel (2015) for free-jazz band Pulcinella, with Charalambos Margaritis and Diego Verastegui 

 Le Songe de Poliphile (2016) for electro-noise band Dorcelsius, with Diego Verastegui


Gugus Claclé, a crocodile of cruelty

Short animation about Gugus Claclé, a crocodile god beyond cute and zany. He visits Justine, a little girl being scolded by her mom and tells her about his world

Watch the film
(french, english subtitles)



Gnozo is a video-performance project involving journalism, philosophy and japanese culture. Each of the videos shows Gnozo in a new place he criticizes playfully

 Gnozo video channel
(japanese, english subtitles)


Animation workshops

Animation workshops with children+teenagers, 2010-2015

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 Watch Le Film des Enfants


Pinhas Sama

Pinhas Sama is a documentary about Richard Pinhas‘s 2013 Japan tour, and his recording sessions with Merzbow and Yoshida Tatsuya

 Watch the documentary 
(french, english subtitles)


Le Plongeon

Le Plongeon is a short musical animated film, co-directed by Marilou Chabert, Benjamin Efrati & Claire Pedot in 2014

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(music only)


Tai Chi in Zero Gravity

Tai Chi Tutorial video, with Fabien Fromont. Music by Benjamin Efrati + POL

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(music only)


Tunisia according to Nathan Frati

A documentary shot by Benjamin & Alexandre Efrati about Nathan Frati’s first visit in the country of his birth after 50 years abroad, 2008

 Watch part 1 (french)

 Watch part 2 (french)



A documentary-fiction feature film by Benjamin & Mario Amehou, produced in Benin, 2008

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The first collective animation made by Miracle in 2006. With Mario Amehou, Liat Carmi, Wassim Halal, Pierrick Dechaux, Quentin Soussen, Marie Martin-Sherer, Lionel Delomier.

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(music only)